Monday, April 27, 2009

It's a Girl Thing

April 25, 2009… Instead of waking up and preparing to see the beautiful Sabang Beach in Baler, I found myself snoozing my alarm and getting ready for our 6:30 am call-time at Bay Garden. Yes, I cancelled my surfing trip to attend two events. My friends almost killed me but as we know, sometimes you have to give up some personal time for the greater good. Sense of responsibility was harder to ignore that time.

My friend and officemate, Anya, knew that I was half-hearted in attending. Both of us decided that we should do something after the events. Anya has been recommending this nail salon in Eastwood City for ages – Nail Tropics. So, off we go to Eastwood.

We were so tired when we arrived there. But the sight of Nail Tropics is like seeing heaven on earth. With its pristine white-tiled flooring, high-ceilinged working area and soothing music, I already felt relaxed and cleaned. Since it was my first time to visit, the receptionist asked to fill out a form. After choosing the service I want, she asked me to sit on one of the lounge chairs. Instantly, I knew that I would be falling asleep pretty soon.

The service I chose was a mani-spa. Angie, my nail tech for the day, came to assist me. First, she asked me to soak my hands in a basin of warm water. A sweet, lemony concoction of hand scrub followed. Angie used warm towels to wipe off the mixture. It felt so relaxing. Then, she lathered my hands with honey. Yes, she used pure honey! Then she wrapped by hands. Included in the service is a complete head, scalp and neck massage. At this point, I was oblivious to the world. Sleep mode.

When I woke up 30 minutes later, Angie was applying cool minty lotion on my hands. Then the usual manicure. I asked for french manicure with barely-there base and fine tips. She is good. I loved my nails.

I still missed my trip to Baler but my Nail Tropics experience was good enough to make me realize that it wasn’t all a bad day for me.

Nail Tropics has two branches in Metro Manila, one in Eastwood and the other one is in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City. We highly advise that you call to get an appoinment. For Eastwood branch call 6671218, Serendra branch call 8560468.


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