Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Exploring Eastwood City

Exploring Eastwood City


My friends (James, Eloisa, Jean and Sylvia) and I decided to hang out in Eastwood last night.  We had planned this last Sunday to celebrate two things: 1.) James new work as a professor in STI College and 2.) Jean's success in the recent board exam for Teachers


We decided to have dinner at Something Fishy.  We wanted to try out the dinner buffet but it was a bit pricey. (We should have gone there for breakfast or lunch).  Instead of the buffet, we ordered seafood platter, chopsuey, grilled pork and sizzling chicken. For a group of 5, we had a lot of food to munch. But we ate them all. Hahahaha 


Sadly, James had to leave early. So the four of us girls were left. We had Eastwood for ourselves. Hehehehehe


After dinner, we headed to check out Eastwood Mall.  But first, I brought my friends to Red Mango (located at the 2nd level).  I had them try frozen yoghurt.  This is a recent addiction, thanks to my good friend and officemate Anya.


I ordered medium original fro-yo with blueberry, kiwi and sliced almonds. Jean got medium original topped with blueberry, kiwi and mango.  Eloisa tried topping her fro-yo with blueberry, kiwi and grapes while Sylvia had blueberry, choco chip and sliced almonds.


After we got our orders and secured a seat, we relished the heavenly dessert in front of us.  And remarked in unison, "So good".  For the next sixty seconds, none of us were talking because everyone was busy savoring the taste our own fro-yo creations.  After a while, we realized that we had to take pictures so we paused and smiled.  We had two photos because we didn't want the dessert to wait for long. Hehehehe


After dessert, we went down to the fountain area and watched as the waters dance to the tune of Dancing Queen and Buttercup.  So new wave. We took pictures and videos.


Then, it was time to go home.


We had so much fun and I had a great time hanging out with my friends.  I used to go to Eastwood with Anton but he's now in Canada.  He has to see the fountain area and try Red Mango.  When he comes back in December, we'll go back here and bring another good friend, Jho to experience Eastwood City.


It's fun to explore Eastwood alone, but it's best experienced with great friends!  Until next time.



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