Thursday, June 18, 2009


I wrote this back in 2008.  Recently, a friend talked to me about his dilemma. I would like to think that this poem best describes his situation. Sometimes, you just wish to feel nothing. Forget about being too much happy because sooner or later you will have to withstand the pain.  But as Zha would always tell me, "what cannot kill will only make us stronger". I have my own share of happiness and pain.  I am not that strong but I am getting there.  So there.  Read on and enjoy.


P.S I would like to change the title of this poem so if you have suggestions, send them in. Thanks!




Watching the sunset

As it casts a shadow on two

Creating silhouettes

Familiarity dawns.

Seeing the moon

As it smiles on me

Hiding in the shadows

Reality stikes.

As darkness envelopes me

And the cold night numbs my senses



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