Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Think Happy Thoughts (The Return of Ms. Maliksi)

Happiness is really a state of mind.  When you think happy thoughts, everything else just fall into their respective places.
I woke up from a funny dream this morning.  Let's just say that in my dream I was eating chess pieces made out of chocolates.  I don't know how to play chess but it seemed like I was winning because I kept on munching the pawns and the knights.  In my dream, I heard a door bell ringing only to realize that it was my alarm clock telling me to wake up.
It was five in the morning when I opened my eyes.  I checked if there were any leftover chess pieces. Sadly, there was none.  I got off my bed and prepared for work. 
I left the house at 6 a.m and got to the shuttle in a breeze.  After paying my fare, I dozed off throughout the travel.  It was a good one-hour sleep, which is a nice treat especially for someone who travels from Rizal to Ayala on a daily basis.
I clocked in 7:15. Ready to work? Hahahahahaha Not yet. Official time is 8:30 am so I still have a full 75 minutes for myself.
I happily settled on my work station and switched on my computer.  I prepared a cup of coffee while waiting for my computer to come to life.  I switched on my radio and tuned in to RX 93.1 Morning Rush. 
The first song I heard was "Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West and Neyo.  Now, that really made my day. *cheng stares at the ceiling and smiles*  If you haven't heard the song, Google it or listen to RX 93.1 or Wave 89.1  It's really nice.
Then Chico and Delamar (RX 93.1) were doing their top 10 for the day, "Top Ten Signs that You Are Not Yet Ready to Go Back to School".  The entries were so funny.  One said something like, "you're not yet ready to go back to school when you ride the jeep and say, 'Manong, isang Bora nga po'.  Plus Chico, Del and Suze of Radio 1 were speaking using this "sosyal" accent and some Spanish and French as well. 
After several laughing fits, I checked my computer time and sadly, it said 8:30 am.  I turned off my radio, checked my to-do list and started working. 
I was facilitating a lot of things this morning and I felt like I was Ms.Maliksi again. hahahaha The day went by pretty fast and as I am typing this, it's almost time to go home.
I just hope that I will never run out of good things to think about tonight so I will have a happy state of mind tomorrow. It's Ms. Maliksi all over again.


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