Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back pains are killing me

I have disregarded my back pains for the longest time. Now, I am suffering the consequences of such neglect. I am already 26 and back braces are no option. Surgery? Spine surgery? Like inserting stainless metal to straighten my back? Oh no! I am so scared I think I might die. Alternatives are very much welcome now. I just had a talk with my doctor and he told me about chiropractor. I think it's a kind of theraphy. I will do my research on this one. I'd rather have several theraphy sessions that undergo surgery. Right now, I just want to lay still, with my back flat on the floor. No mattresses. No cushions. I dread to go back to work and sit for eight hours. For an uneven-legged girl like me, it's torture! I will have a good back massage tonight! Hopefully, it will comfort me even for a moment.


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