Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why I don't rent in a boarding house?

I have nothing against boarding houses, dormitories, bed spaces, room for rents and what-have-yous. As a matter of fact, I fancy living in one. When I was in college, I fancied how it was like to live in the school dormitories or rent a bed space in Krus na Ligas. I imagined myself waking up 30 minutes before my class. During my time, and I guess until now, the traffic in Katipunan is just soooo crazy every morning that during my first year, I really cursed my 7:00 a.m class. Years passed and until I graduated, I never got into finding a dorm or a boarding house.

Then came my time to work. I am working in Makati since 2005. I live in Binangonan, Rizal. Geographically speaking, the distance is relatively near. The travel time is usually 45 minutes to an hour. That is, traffic excluded. I know, realistically, you cannot exclude traffic so when added… 2 hours! Tada! I travel for two hours everyday. Then when it rains or there’s a freak road accident somewhere in C-5, travel time doubles or triples. Serioulsy! I experienced getting stuck in the traffic for 6 loooong hours!

I contemplated on renting in Makati. I asked around. I talked to friends. I computed my expenses. I asked my parents. The works. However, I still decided to endure the 2-hour travel to and from work, every single day.


I always look forward to going home - to my family, to my cats and dogs, to my bed, to my books, to dinners, to family “joke time”. After a long day’s work, the comforts of my own home are enough to wash all the stresses away.

Is it not a refreshing feeling when you get home all stressed and find out that your mom cooked your favorite food? Is it not relaxing to see your dad playing with your pets? Is it not a stress-buster when your favorite dog in the world excitedly barks and welcomes you? Is it not a comforting thought that you always go home to people who always believe in you and give you strength to go on no matter what?

Sometimes I arrive home and notice some problems or little fights here and there. During these moments, I thought that if I am in a boarding house, I won’t hear any of these. Then again, how can I be of help?

I know I may be missing a lot because I am not living independently. However, any time soon, I will have my own family and definitely, I will have to move out and join my husband and start building our own home. It will be a new home that I will look forward to. But for now, I will cherish these moments with my family.

I have nothing against boarding houses, it is just not for someone like me.


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